Jewelry Repair and Custom Design

Do you have past or present jewelry that needs some repair? Do you have your mom’s or grandma’s jewelry that is not quite your style?

At The Twisted Bead & Rock Shop, we offer a fast and convenient jewelry repair service  you can trust. We do everything from simply changing a clasp to completely remaking your pieces into jewelry that fits your current style. It’s best to bring in your project so we can discuss options with you.

General Repairs:  Cost is based on time required plus any materials needed for the project.

Custom Design: Fees vary depending on the project


Pearl Stringing and Pearl Knotting

Along with other repairs, The Twisted Bead & Rock Shop offers pearl knotting. We knot your pearls or gemstones by hand using silk thread. Knotting gives your beads a very classic look while keeping them secure should your necklace break.

Dirt and grease naturally collect over time in between the pearls and on the thread. These and other natural factors can eventually weaken and break the thread. Knotting is not just for pearls, we have knotted many gemstones over the years.

Pearls strung on silk should be re-knotted every 2 – 3 years, depending on how often they are worn, and how they are stored.


Cost:$3 per inch + materials. The cost per inch will increase for pearls less than 6mm in size.