May astrology outlook: On the 3rd Mercury enters Gemini, meaning more intellectual endeavors may become available. Also, use this energy to organize mentally, embrace your curious side, and adapt. We can expect to be more assertive in communicating to achieve what we want! Also on the 3rd, Venus in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces, giving us a boost in artistic energy. Prepare for feeling dreamy, but don’t get too sucked into la-la land. Make sure you check the facts before making any decisions. On the 8th Venus enters Gemini, a time for working on your abilities of toleration, and understanding. Expect more flirtation in conversation as well as a dreamy temperament.  The 10th is the day Saturn goes retrograde into Aquarius! This energy is all about focusing on your responsibilities, setting healthy boundaries to create stronger bonds throughout all socials! Use this energy shift to pursue your dreams and devote your time to YOU. Preserve your uniqueness and originality!!! On the 11th Mercury enters Gemini, so we can expect a bit more ingenuity, but not to fear, we can also expect a faster pace of thoughts. With this mental boost in energy, it’s a great time to handle any negotiations or battles of business, use your chaos to create structure! On this 13th there’s a lot happening, first Jupiter enters Pisces. There can be an increase in communal sensitivity, as well as relying on faith, and devotion. Pisces is the sign of intuition and eternal love without expectation. So give out that of which you want to be reciprocated. Second, on the 13th Mars will be entering Pisces, increasing the ability to flow with situations as they come without confrontation or trying to avoid them. We can use this energy to remind ourselves to be kind to not only others but ourselves. A time for reviewing future goals, starting creative projects, and taking social stands. Lastly this 13th, Venus begins its retrograde in Gemini. Take advantage of this to adopt some flexibility into your life where it may be lacking, its a great time to evaluate where you want to see change so you can prepare for it. The 14th, Jupiter will be going retrograde in Capricorn. This is cause for some internal pauses. It’s a reminder to stay in the present moment, and a chance to evaluate what success means to you personally. This 17th the Sun in Taurus goes trine to Jupiter retrograde Capricorn. Don’t be impulsive now. Think about long-term goals before you end up sacrificing them for short-term satisfaction. On the 19th Venus in Gemini goes Trine Saturn in Aquarius, Bringing out a lot of inner wisdom, feelings of peace, and maturity. All of this leading to great social interactions! The 20th is when the Sun is entering Gemini, i.e, dealing with duality, dispersion, evolution, less wasted efforts, drive, and sociability.  Also on the 20th Venus retrograde Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces. Time to seek new inspiration from within. Try and avoid idealizing relationships of all forms at this time, take things slow, go off of facts rather than fantasy. On the 21st the sun in Gemini squares Jupiter in Pisces, exposing selfish traits, prepotency, unhealthy vanity, and overconfidence as well as overcompensation. Stay patient with yourself as frustrations are more prominent at this time! May 22nd Mercury in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces. Time to trust your intuition, stay away from lies and deceit, empathy is more common during this time. The biggest takeaway should be not to undervalue your own achievements. On the 23rd Saturn goes retrograde into Aquarius. Meaning more concerns about future plans and endeavors, feelings of wanting to escape responsibilities, and lots of inner reflection. Take your thoughts and feelings in stride. On the 26th, the sun starts its direct trajectory into Libra. Expect clarity in business, fresh agreements, and shared responsibility! To finish off this month’s Astro. the 28th, Mercury is entering Cancer. Bringing out our inner sensitivity. Time to re-up on any self-care routines or regimens and be wary of any passive-aggressiveness you may be clinging to whether it be coming from you or others.