Metal Classes

We offer a variety of classes at The Twisted Bead & Rock Shop. We have metal work classes listed below. If you see a class you’re interested in, see our class schedule to sign up for the next class. If there’s a class you’re interested in that’s not scheduled, call us at 410-956-5529 or fill out our contact form and let us know which class you’re interested in and a couple of days that you could come in for the class. Please include your name and contact information in your message.

Vintaj Metal

Make these vintaj starfish earrings in our Vintaj Metal class.Join us in the fun class manipulating metal!

Using the Vintaj Big Kick you will emboss or etch your metal. Make components to create a bracelet, necklace or earrings. Punch holes, add a patina, connect and away you go.

Great class for beginner metal workers – instant gratification!!
Class fee: $35 + materials
Average class time: 2 hours
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Cold Connections: Level 1

We aMake unique jewelry designs in classes taught by local artist Michael Dennisre so pleased to have local artist Michael Dennis to teach us how to work with cold connections and metal.

Learn to use rivets, eyelets and jump rings with the appropriate tools. Cut your metal, texture and apply a patina to your finished piece.  Mike’s meticulous finishing techniques are something to aspire too. Learn from a real expert!

Class size is limited.
Class fee: $40 + kit ($14)
Average class time: 2.5 hours

Cold Connections: Level 2

Unique Designs by artist Michael DennisCold Connections: Level  2 class works with base metals using a variety of cold connections.  This class builds off information learned in Mike’s level 1 class using more complicated techniques and finishes.

Class will include folding, making jump rings, different riveting techniques, texturing and more complex assembling of pieces. We encourage you to bring at least one project you are working on or would like to do that requires  the “how do I put this thing together now?”  Design is one aspect of jewelry making, how to put it together is a whole other ball of wax!

Completion of the Level 1 cold connections class and some experience working with jewelry tools is encouraged.

Bring your own tools marked with colored tape and/or your initials.  Tool and material lists will be provided at time of registration. Please note that class size limited

Class fee: $48
Average class time: 2.5 hours
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Basic Precious Metal Clay (PMC) Pendant & Earrings

example of basic pmc earrings classThis class is designed to offer basic instruction in metal clay techniques. Roll, cut and texture your jewelry components. The pieces will be kiln fired, tumbled to a high shine and then add a patina to highlight the design elements of your pendant and/or earrings.

This is a perfect opportunity to get your hands into this medium, and have fun creating your one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces!

Alterations to the particular pieces made is at the instructors discretion. Barb always has something new to bring to our classes!

Guest Instructor: Barb Hance
Use of tools and paste will be provided by instructor.
Class fee: $155 (includes 1 Package PMC3);  $50 deposit required at time of registration
Optional supplies: leather cord, or silver chain and earwires.
Average class time: 7 hours
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Advanced PMC Precious Metal Clay

Double-sided, domed pendant made with PMC

Barb Hance has once again brought us a new advanced PMC class. You will design and assemble a two-sided domed pendant. Drill holes, file and make attractive reinforcements in order to hang your pendant. You will have the option to set a CZ on one side of your piece.  Notes: Students must have basic experience with PMC to attend this class. Pre-registration is required.

Class Fee $215 (includes PMC, use of all tools & kiln)
Average class time: 8 hours
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Introduction to Metal Fusing

Join us and guest instructor Tricia Hall and learn the the process of Metal Fusing, the no-fuss version of Metalsmithing. Students will heat fine silver with a hand held torch to fuse the wire to create closed links. Link your links to create a unique bracelet. No prerequisites for this class. Great intro to metalsmithing techniques. Class time 3 hours.

Class fee: $60 + $30 material kit

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